Intensive Orchards

To date, our company has built more than 600 hectares of intensive orchards throughout Uzbekistan.
About 400 hectares are still at the design and equipment delivery stage.

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intensive orchards

Development and implementation of modern innovative technologies in the field of intensive fruit gardening

Fruit Tree Seedlings

Royal Agro grows varieties of certified dwarf and semi-dwarf fruit seedlings. For 3 years, the yield per hectare can be up to 50 tons, and for 4-5 years up to 100 tons.

Drip Irrigation System

For irrigation of dwarf and semi-dwarf seedlings, a drip irrigation system is used to minimize water consumption and provide plants with the same doses of fertilizer for growth and development.

Supporting Wooden Structures

The supporting wooden structure from Royal Agro is round wooden stakes that have passed several cycles of high temperature, deep chemical treatment in industrial autoclaves with a special composition, so that they do not bend, do not break, do not rot, do not absorb moisture and last more than 50 years.

Protective net

The protective net serves to maintain the necessary balance of humidity, uniform color of the fruit and to protect from strong sunlight and radiation, hail, birds and strong winds.

Garden Technique

Royal Agro provides state-of-the-art tractors, weed cutters, weather stations, weeding machines, trailers, automatic chemical sprayers and wind turbines to disperse cold air.

Fruit Tree Seedlings

RoyalAgro grows various varieties of certified, dwarf and semi-dwarf fruit seedlings. One-year-old seedlings with a developed root system are transplanted into a pre-prepared garden. The percentage of adaptability is up to 90%. .

Already in the second year, seedlings begin to bear fruit. Depending on the variety of seedlings, timely care of them, the plan of planting, climatic conditions and altitude above sea level, already for 3 years the yield per hectare can be up to 50 tons, and for 4-5 years up to 100 tons..


Variety List

— Black Slendor
— Black Diamond
— Crimson Glo
— Early Queen
— Black Angeleno
— Santa Rosa


Variety List

— Wonderful
— Acco
— Hicaz


Variety List

— Mody
— Golden Raiders
— Scarlett
— Super Chief
— Pink Lady
— Gala
— Fuji
— Red Chief
— Granny Smith
— Jeromine


Variety List

— Ziraat
— Stella
— Cordia
— Regina
— Summer Flame


Variety List

— Samantha
— Summer Flame
— Elegant Lady
— Red Star
— Big Top
— Caldesi 85
— Starks Red Gold
— Blawino 30
— Flat Beauty
— Heaven Red


Variety List

— Carmen
— Abate Fetel
— Devici
— Etrusca
— Williams
— Cascia
— Conference


Variety List

— Farhial
— Big Late
— Sekerpare
— Proyma
— Roxana
— Farlis
— Mikado
— Mogador
— Rubista
— First Red


Variety List

— Ferraduel
— Ferragnes


Variety List

— Chandler
Productivity 1 ha
Fruiting on
Percentage of Earnings

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Drip Irrigation Systems

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