The first crop was harvested in Bukhara from the new greenhouse built by our company Royal Agro

By January 20, 2020News

In Bukhara, the first crop was harvested from the new greenhouse built by our company Royal Agro, by order of the Bukhara Farm. Fresh tomatoes will soon arrive on the shelves of city shops. Six months ago, the first tomato seedlings were planted in this greenhouse. And today, these vitamin beauties are waiting in line to go straight to the table to the Uzbeks. A year ago, construction of a unique greenhouse complex on 2.7 hectares began in Bukhara, and today the results of the first harvest are summed up here. A real tomato paradise was built on these 2.7 hectares. According to the head of the farm, all conditions are created for plants here, the greenhouse works according to the European system using a drip irrigation system. The complex is fully automated, which allows you to collect a rich harvest. At the moment, the greenhouse gives 2.5 tons per day. In a month, somewhere it turns out tomatoes – 75 tons from 2.7 hectares.

Thanks to the professionalism of our engineers, Royal Agro greenhouses are strong, durable and reliable. Vegetables, obtained from our greenhouses are environmentally friendly, there are no diseases in them, and also, importantly, they have an unforgettable taste!

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